What dreams of diamonds, dream book

A diamond ring: a dream book, can mean different things. From a good sign (mutual love) to deception and parting with someone close to you. The diamond still symbolizes wealth and wealth.

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Sleep diamonds
Dream diamonds

Summer dream

If in a dream you saw that someone was robbing a jewelry store and at the same time chooses only diamonds and precious stones, then your time has not come yet. But in the near future you will show what you are capable of.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Dream about precious diamonds is a good sign. Waiting for your promotion, honor, respect, success. If lovers saw diamonds in a dream, it means that soon they will soon get married. The loss of a gem is a warning that you can be separated from a person close to you through your own fault.

The newest dream book

Read the newest dream book: there diamonds are a symbol of great luck. But you should try. If a healthy person saw this gem in a dream, it judges his good health for many years.If such a dream saw a patient, he will soon recover.

Dream dream wanderer

Find diamonds - will soon find true mutual love. If the stones were fake, your feelings are deceptive.

Dream Dream Thelomena

If at night a dream ring decorated with diamonds is a good sign. Your feelings will be mutual (this applies to both friendship and love). If a woman in a dream has dressed herself with a diamond ring, someone will soon confess her love. If the diamond ring was on the little finger, some of your loved ones need help. Be attentive to them, they will have to be supported in the near future with a kind word or deed.

Combined dream book

Diamonds in a dream - a sign that the family will have wealth and well-being. If the jewels were lost - wait for a painful loss.

Dream Miller

To dream diamonds and to own them is a favorable dream. Your merits will be recognized, so expect honors and respect. If the bride saw in a dream that her fiance presented her with diamonds, then the wedding ceremony will be beautiful, and all friends will rejoice sincerely. The loss of diamonds - to shame, poverty and need.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

A dream in which a diamond ring appears is a luxury and a pleasant time with friends. If a person dreamed that his wallet is filled with large diamonds, he will soon fall into the midst of such people who will constantly approve of his actions. If precious stones were lost in the dream, then your dreams are empty, they will never come true in real life.

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