What does a white tablecloth look like in a dream

Cloth in a dream can be presented in different images, but most often has a favorable value. If you saw her on a beautiful table with a lot of food, you can be sure that you will soon get everything for a good life and will gain longevity. When the tablecloth is dreaming without additional details and is located on a large table, beware of making a purchase that does not fit into your budget.

Russian dream book

Cloth in a dream often symbolizes prosperity, and in reality it is used to organize a feast, a holiday. A white tablecloth was seen in a dream - peace and tranquility reign in the house. Dirty tablecloth warns that quarrels will soon come, there is a chance that the differences will become too strong. The dreamer spilled something on the table covered with a tablecloth - he risks becoming a cause of contention and being at the epicenter of the conflict.

Dream Aesop

In Russia they said, to see a beautiful tablecloth in a dream is a sign of prosperity. The dreamer's family will be happy, and the person himself will eventually stabilize his financial situation and will be content with life.If the tablecloth in a dream gets dirty or there are tears on it, it is a sign of the onset of poverty, destitution or strong quarrels with close people.

Interpreter of Catherine the Great

Tablecloth as a symbol in the context of the relationship between people:

  1. To see a tablecloth white and ironed - you will probably meet the other half soon, a spiritually very close person who can be your couple for a lifetime.

  2. The black or stained tablecloth symbolizes that the person to whom you are not indifferent is not worthy of your location, as it easily deceives those around you, which he will do with you in a short time.

  3. The tablecloth is filled with red wine - soon a passionate romance will appear in your life. You should find out: long-term relationship or passion for a minute.

  4. If your dream showed a tablecloth on a table that does not occupy all the space, but is thrown only onto the edge of the object, the person whom the dreamer can meet will become an important figure in his fate.

A dream about a tablecloth does not have a strictly positive or negative value. The emotional coloring of the events that he predicts depends on the appearance of the tablecloth, the presence of additional details on it, as well as the position of the dreamer in relation to the subject.If you see a beautiful tablecloth, you can worry about nothing, and when its appearance is unpresentable, you should reconsider your waking behavior.

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