What diet to follow with diabetes

Despite the existence of a large number of glucose-lowering drugs, therapeutic nutrition plays a huge role in the treatment of diabetes. Disease mild to moderate severity requires dietary treatment. In severe form of diabetes, a comprehensive treatment is carried out, including diet, insulin and other drugs.

Principles of diet therapy in diabetes

Nutrition of patients with diabetes should be frequent, regular and include at least 5 meals a day. In the preparation of the diet it is necessary to use a wide range of products containing few sugars.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be the same in calories and carbohydrate content.
During cooking, sugar should be replaced with xylitol, sorbitol or saccharin.
Those who suffer from overweight will be helped to increase the feeling of fullness in vegetables: fresh and sauerkraut, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, green peas, tomatoes.
Liver function is impaired in diabetes.To restore its work, it is necessary to consume products with lipotropic factor - soy, cottage cheese, oatmeal, and it is better to limit fried meat and fish dishes.
The diet of patients with diabetes is table No. 9, which is easy to adapt to the treatment of patients at home, adding or eliminating certain foods and dishes.

Allowed and prohibited products

Patients with diabetes are allowed to use the following products: bread up to 200 g per day, mainly rye, bran; vegetable soups, soups on weak fish or meat broth, with the addition of vegetables; boiled or stewed dishes of lean veal, beef, pork, rabbit, poultry; dishes from sea lean fish; vegetable side dishes - salads from cabbage, radish, swede, carrots, cucumbers, as well as stewed vegetable stew, squash caviar. Potatoes, beans, pasta and cereals are better to limit or use in small quantities, while reducing the use of bread. Egg dishes are allowed, but not more than 2 pieces per day, preference should be given to omelette or soft-boiled eggs. Compotes and desserts should be prepared on sorbitol or xylitol, and fruits and berries can be eaten only with the permission of a doctor. Dairy and dairy products are allowed, but in limited quantities.
Prohibited foods are: sweets, muffins, pastries, honey, jam, ice cream, pork and lamb fat, semolina and rice groats, smoked, salty and spicy dishes, alcohol, bananas and grapes, dried fruits, melons and gourds.

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