What color is in fashion in summer?

To start preparing for the new summer season, you need to know what color is in fashion in the summer. It should be noted that the color solutions this season will overlap with the past year while becoming more feminine and more tender. Many designers in their collections have embodied a new concept of a unique unity of a woman with nature, combining creative imagination and fashionable colors. The summer of 2013 will be filled with luminous shades of natural paints.

Fashionable shades summer 2013

Let's take a closer look at 10 fashionable colors of this season:

  • Emerald is perhaps the most unusual and bright shade of all the trends this season. Its greenish glow, shimmering from the nutria, makes any outfit original and noble.
  • Gentle shoots are a very delicate shade, reminiscent of the first spring shoots of young grass, which seem to glow from the inside in the bright sun. Many designers, using it, fill their collections with the energy of spring.
  • Greyish jade is a pastel shade of green with a grayish tinge.If you combine this color with light tones of peach, yellow or bluish color, then you will get exquisite and incredibly delicate dresses suitable for romantic persons.
  • Blue twilight is the original bluish-blue color reminiscent of the twilight sky in early summer or late spring. This mysterious and delicate shade fits almost the entire female half, especially girls who have an appearance with a pronounced "summer" color type.
  • African purple is a very effective shade with a smoky bloom, which gives freshness and brightness to all outfits in a light unobtrusive form. This magic color is well combined with bright colors and light shades, emphasizing the originality of your dress.
  • Blue Monaco is a discreet, noble, classic blue hue. This color, of all presented is the darkest, making it ideal for women with almost any shape and appearance. Blue Monaco can be the base color in your wardrobe, as well combined with the entire palette of fashionable colors this year.
  • Lemon zest is a very juicy, cheerful and bright shade of yellow color that will create an unusual summer look.It ideally emphasizes young beauty, easily combining with pastel and light tones.
  • Nectarine is an orange-coral juicy color that brightly revives casual clothes, and evening dresses will give a spectacular look. Combining this shade with moderately bright colors, get memorable and incredibly stylish images.
  • Linen is a calm shade, with a milky pink and pearl tone that turns women into fabulous fairies. This is the most versatile color in the entire fashionable palette, which is suitable for both ladies with curvaceous and slender girls.
  • Red poppy is the most intense, juicy and unique floral color, able to breathe sensuality, seduction and confidence. This color is ideal for evening wear, capable of producing a stunning effect.

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