What are the wigs

Hair for natural wigs are selected with all the captiousness. They must not be damaged by chemistry or painted. They are mowed specifically for these purposes, and not taken from the garbage in hairdressing salons. Such a wig will breathe, the head in it will not sweat and itch. Today it is the best option available on the market.

There are also synthetic wigs. They are hot and uncomfortable, but there are undeniable advantages - they never tangle and look like real hair, shiny and healthy. They are also inexpensive compared to natural hair wigs.

The price of models depends on the production process. If the wig is made by hand, it will look neat and more natural, but its cost will also increase. Factory production produces less beautiful models on the market, but at the expense of mass, the price will be the most budget.

The main thing is to remember that no matter how a wig looks, the main thing is its owner.Even if you only have enough money for the cheapest option, do not be disheartened, just be yourself, and no one will notice this annoying drawback.

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