What are the signs of religious fanaticism

Religious fanaticism and fanatics

Fanaticism is a blind and categorical, often primitive belief in something or someone. The most ardent fanatics, obsessed with their faith, commit such cruel acts in the name of God, that they can only be considered as criminals. For example, Christian fanatics have done many things that are contrary to the teachings of Christ.

Signs of religious fanaticism

The most important sign of obsession with faith is the impossibility of distinguishing the concepts of "good" and "evil." The fanatic is firmly convinced that only his faith and his god are correct - good. The faith of others is always wrong. Although the fanatic often cannot answer and reasonably justify such an opinion. If in the name of "good" he commits a great "evil", then he automatically considers it a good deed. And if the other person - an Inoverat creates many good deeds, the fanatic is sure that this is done in the end with evil goals.
The second sign of religious fanaticism is the lack of desire for truth and truth.Only their own beliefs and opinions are important for the fanatic, he is not interested in whether this is confirmed in the world. That is, the fanatic does not seek to know the truth, he has his own truth and wants to impose it on everyone else.
Fear and emotionality are the third sign of religious fanaticism. The fanatic's speech is always hastily, comes in a raised voice. This is a subconscious reaction to the sense of vulnerability of their position. The fanatic does not want to hear his opponent, because he is afraid to hear the truth. That is why a person who has turned into a religious obsessed, stops in its development. He does not want to discover anything new, because he believes that he already knows everything. From this point on, one can discern the personal and spiritual degradation of the fanatic.
A great many enemies everywhere are the fourth sign of religious fanaticism. If an ordinary believer sees evil in crimes, diseases, wars, poverty, and the like, then the fanatic considers the Gentiles to be those. He thinks that he is surrounded by enemies - all dissenters. To combat them, the fanatic considers it possible to use all those weapons that are true evil. A true believer wants to free the entire human world from disasters, regardless of the religion that is prevalent in its different areas.The fanatic “throws thunder and lightning,” seeking to punish his enemies.
Huge pride - the fifth sign of religious fanaticism. The expressions: “we are better than others”, “I am one right”, “we are marked by God”, “I am allowed what is forbidden to others”, “I have the right to punish and punish” are characteristic of a fanatic. There is no repentance and repentance for the evil that he has caused and continues to cause.

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