What are the causes of baldness

The representatives of the stronger sex are most susceptible, fortunately, in many cases the process of hair loss can be stopped. The main reason why the hair loses its attractive appearance is heredity. Therefore, looking at the bald areas in the mirror, it is worth considering how many men in your family can boast with thick hair?

The main causes of hair loss

The hereditary factor can lead to catastrophic hair loss both at the age of 40 and at the age of 18. But still, baldness has traditionally occurred in men in adulthood. The process is directly related to the work of male hormones or androgens, because of which there is a malnutrition of the hair follicles. In rare cases, you need to consider the nationality of the patient to find the cause of alopecia, hair loss.Disturbance of microcirculation of blood in the scalp, other diseases of the epidermis that affect the condition of hair follicles can lead to baldness. Do a head massage often to improve blood circulation.
With hair loss above the norm per day, you do not need to experiment with folk remedies for baldness or buy expensive shampoos, vitamin complexes and dietary supplements. A visit to the trichologist will help you find the cause. A full examination will reveal the culprit of the problem, which may be a disease, for example, an infectious nature, an inflammatory process, a disease of the gastrointestinal tract or the nervous system.
The trichologist, depending on the condition of the hair, the degree of baldness and its cause, may prescribe an appropriate treatment that will stop the hair loss process. However, drugs that stimulate hair growth creams and lotions do not act instantly, but require prolonged use.

What determines hair loss?

Often leads to hair loss constant stress, supplemented by frequent sleep deprivation, overwork, vitamin deficiency. But such symptoms affect the entire body as a whole, not just the hair.
Also baldness is possible with unbalanced nutrition, eating excessive fatty, spicy, smoked or sweet foods. Together with the products in the body for normal hair growth should come vitamins E, B, C, calcium, iron and other useful substances.It is impossible to completely eliminate baldness, there are only a few radical ways to solve the problem - hair transplant through plastic surgery, wearing a wig or shaving a head.
Another adverse factor leading to baldness may be hormonal failure.

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