What activities are subject to licensing

Licensing of some types of activity is regulated by a number of legislative acts. In addition to the federal law on licensing, there are also many regulations that complement the list of occupations that require special permission. If you're just going to do business, be sure to check if you need a license for what you plan to earn.
Basically, state supervision is devoted to those activities that may pose a danger to the life and health of citizens, as well as related to the security of the country and its defense capability. The list of types of work subject to licensing includes activities related to the collection of personal data, encoding and decoding information, as well as everything related to the production and sale of weapons and ammunition.
In addition, licenses are needed for the oil and gas sector,mining and exploration, aviation security, transportation of passengers and dangerous goods, loading and unloading activities in ports, airports and railway stations. For the production of medical equipment and drugs and their sale, production and sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products, the design of buildings, structures and networks also have to apply for permission.
Also, without a license, doctors, veterinarians, credit organizations, notaries, insurance companies, practically all telecom operators, exchange traders, producers and sellers of alcohol cannot work, and the casino cannot function. A full list of activities that require a license can be found in the relevant laws, regulations, or to find out, in consultation with a lawyer.
To obtain a license, you must submit an application indicating the type of activity, copies of all documents, including a certificate of registration as an entrepreneur, a receipt for payment of the license fee, as well as data on the qualifications of all employees of the enterprise. The application of the state licensing authority is given no more than two months.

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