Wedding Shoes Decor

A year ago, wandering around the Internet, I saw shoes that I fell in love with at first sight. I decided to by all means make myself the same. And today I present to your attention a master class on decorating wedding shoes (and not only wedding). Such work requires diligence and care, but the result will justify all your labors.

For the decor you will need:

  • lace or any lace;
  • fatin hard;
  • rhinestones;
  • acrylic paint;
  • acrylic contour;
  • needle with thread;
  • All-purpose colorless adhesive;
  • glue gun.

That's how the shoes looked originally.

Since I did not have the right color guipure and tulle, I originally painted white materials with acrylic paints of ivory color. Use a sponge or brush for this.

We put a piece of matter to the shoes and plan how the patterns will be arranged. You can also use just tulle, and then in the process just stick the necessary lace stripes as you like. I used for this purpose lace on the grid.

Then glue the mesh first from the outside of the shoes. I used for this universal transparent adhesive based on rubber, you can use the moment-crystal or any other universal glue that can withstand moisture.

Using small scissors we cut the material right at the junction with the sole, firstly on one side.

On the heel, we glue and cut the fabric along the seam.

We make an incision in the middle of the material so that the fabric does not pull and it can be glued on the other side. Do not cut the material, because it will be needed for further patterning.

We glue the fabric from the opposite side of the shoe and cut it off.

Make an incision on the front so that you can glue the fabric from the inside.

Stretch the mesh lightly so that it fits perfectly in the shape of your shoes.

Cut out patterns on the remaining fabric, you can repeat the shape of the lace, and you can invent your own version.

To give the lace rigidity, we apply a matte lacquer on a water basis, let it dry.

All sections are processed with an acrylic contour

Rectangle of tulle, approximately 40 × 20cm in size, is patched on the thread, leaving the upper part slightly larger than the bottom.

We paste tulle vertically on a hot gun.

We collect the same rectangle exactly in the middle and glue it on top, just place it horizontally.

We form the lace edges of tulle with scissors.

We decorate the sections with a contour.

At the end of the decor we glue a small amount of rhinestones.

At will it is possible to use pearl semi-beads. But I decided to dwell only on rhinestones. It will look like this.

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