Wedding Card

Unforgettable event, which you want to organize the most original and unique. In this case, to help the newlyweds will fall the most unique ideas that will bring in the event features. This may concern the backgammon of the newlyweds, ideas for decorating the wedding hall, the program of the festive evening, as well as such details as invitation cards for the wedding. It is the invitation that is a kind of "calling card" of each wedding event. Therefore, it can be made exclusive and to please all those invited. The invitation card presented below is quite simple. The technique of quilling is used, in which it is necessary to use special paper for quilling and tools for forming parts. But if you do not have such a tool, then you can use a regular toothpick, which will also do a good job with the task of rolling a roll on it. For work, you should take: 1. Cardboard white A4. 2.Paper for quilling - white, black, maroon. 3. Glue, scissors, tool for quilling (or a toothpick). From a piece of cardboard we will make the basis for a postcard. To do this, gently bend the cardboard in half. The base is ready. First we will do all the details for the groom. Black paper roll roll.
wedding card
 wedding card
Unplow it.
wedding card
At the edges we press so, to get a rectangle shape.
wedding open ka
Such details need 4 pieces - 2 for pants, 2 for a shirt. In the same way we make another piece of white quilling paper. Now We connect between each other 2 black and 1 white rectangles and along the contour we attach a black piece of quilling paper. To complete the head, take a black quilling paper and gently form a circle, fix the edges with glue. To complete the butterfly, you need to form one tight roll, and two to dissolve and give them the desired shape as in the photo. Similarly performed We give all the details for the bride.For the dress we form 2 rolls of the same size, 1 big roll (for the skirt). We also form a contour of black paper for quilling.
 wedding card
Now we fix all the details on the base. Let's start with the head of the bride and groom. Grease them with glue, then attach to a white base. Then attach the bride's hair and veil.
wedding card
Fastening the groom's bow.
 wedding card
Then all the other details are consistent.
wedding card It should be noted that such a variant of the postcard can become suitable for your own hands health of the newlywed.
wedding card
A very unusual and original invitation card for a wedding is ready with your own hands!

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