Knit socks with ornaments for the little ones

We knit socks with an ornamentfor the little ones.

Materials and tools:

  1. 50 g of yarn of white color, the remnants of yarn of violet, purple and green colors
  2. 2.5mm stockings;
  3. 2.5 mm hook

Pattern Description

In the diagrams, the pattern is shown on the front side, M.2 is performed by the front satin finish.

Shawl (direct and inverse rows): all rows knit persons.

Pico crochet strapping: crochet with purple thread along a purple fold line, tied as follows: 1 tbsp. b / n in the first loop, * 3 air. Clause 1 of Art. b / n in the first air. p. (= 1 picot), skip 1 p., 1 tbsp. b / n in the next loop *, we repeat from * - *.

Density of knitting:26 p. x 34 p. front face = 10 x 10 cm

Socks knit in a circle on the stocking knitting needles.

Dimensions:1 / 3-6 / 9-12 / 18 months (2-3 / 4) years

Foot Length:10-11-12 (14-16) cm.

Knitting description

We collect 40-40-40 (48-48) loops on the stocking needles of 2.5 mm with white thread and knit 4 circles with the front satin stitch.We turn to purple, knit 1 circle - all persons., 1 circle - all izn. (= fold line), go back to white and knit 4 circles with the front satin stitch.

Now we continue according to the scheme M.2 - we start in the upper right corner of the scheme and knit according to the scheme from top to bottom. After M.2, finish the part with white color. We knit 1 circle - all persons. At the same time, we adjust the number of loops to 40-44-44 (48-52).

Now knit 2 cm elastic band 1 person. / 1 ​​out. and knit the following circle as follows: * 2 together persons., 1 nakid *, repeat from * - *. We knit 1 circle - all faces. At the same time we gradually reduce 6 loops = 34-38-38 (42-46) loops.

Now remove the first 12-14-14 (15-17) loops on the looper, leave the next 10-10-10 (12-12) loops of the row and remove the last 12-14-14 (15-17) loops on the looper .

We knit according to the scheme M.Z by direct and inverse rows on the loops on the spoke 3.5-4-4.5 (6-7 cm) (= upper leg).

Raise 9-10-12 (15-19) loops on both sides of the upper leg and return loops from looping holders to the needle = 52-58-62 (72-84) loops.  

We continue the garter viscous by direct and inverse rows from the middle of the back, simultaneously after 1.5-2.5-3 (3-4) cm, we decrease as follows: 2 persons together. at the beginning and at the end of a row and 2 persons together. on both sides of the medium 2 loops. Repeat the decrease in each 2nd row, until the length of the garter stitch detail is 3-4-5 (5-6) cm.

Close the loop and sew the sock behind the outer wall of the loop to avoid rough seams.

Fold the top half of the fold on the side of the IC and fix it. We crochet.


We knit a chain of air. n. purple thread about 50 cm long.

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