We decorate the old cabinet

Do not rush to buy new furniture in return for the one that has already gone out of fashion. Attach to it your hands and a little creativity. For example, try to decorate an old cabinet from the wall with a stained-glass pattern. I invite you to a simple master class. Getting ready for work. The first thing you need to work is, of course, the closet with the glass door. Still need alcohol solution or acetone for degreasing the surface, pattern pattern and stained-glass paints. How to choose a template. The Internet is quite enough different stencils for creating stained glass. And if you can draw, then it's generally fine. The only condition that must be considered when choosing a picture is the reality of its embodiment in a stained-glass window. That is, the stencil should be both simple and have closed lines of the pattern. Otherwise, the stained-glass paint will spread over the surface. So, let's start. We remove the door of the cabinet from the hinges. We put it on a flat surface (for example, on two stools). Wipe the glass with an alcohol solution and dry.On the back wall attach the selected picture. I have a stencil of my own production. Drew, multiplied on the copier and attached it with adhesive tape to the door. You can print one sheet, but you can print several at once, so as not to re-glue. Just make sure that the picture is logically passed from one to another.
Drawing the outline of the drawing. The standard set of stained paints offers a black outline. I do not like this. The picture with the contour of a bronze or gold color looks much more beautiful. Therefore, I have it just that. Bronze paint all the lines of the pattern in such a way that there is not a single missing millimeter anywhere. As mentioned above, it is extremely important to save in the future liquid stained glass paints within the boundaries of the picture. After an hour and a half, the contour will dry out and we will continue to work. If you plan to paint two doors with a stained glass window, now is the time to re-paste the templates onto another surface.
 Draw the outline of the picture
A riot of colors. When the contour is dry, we can paint over the pattern. It is more convenient to use colors not all at once, but in order.For example, in a flower stencil, you can first fill the leaves with green color, then the flower petals with red, etc. To dry the picture will take from 12 to 20 hours. This is affected by the humidity in your home and the thickness of the layer of paint applied to the glass.  Riot of colors
Background SelectionSelection background. The final touch to our creativity will add a special matte coating for glass surfaces, which is sold in hardware stores. Apply it should be on the back side of the door in 2-3 layers, and each dries no more than 10 minutes. That's all. Now your door will not only decorate the interior space of the house, but will also relieve the contents of the cabinet from curious looks. Background selection
decorating an old wardrobe
That’s how the doors of the old cabinet turned out to be so (compare: with and without coating). Try it and you!
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