We are all sick with football: the most amazing fans of the championship

At the World Championships teams compete in skill, and fans - in originality. Brazilians move to the subway in dinosaur costumes, Europeans ride tractors, and Muscovites bathe in the bath right on the roadway.

One of the most colorful fans of the World Cup was 70-year-old German Hubert Wirth. He traveled a long way from the small town of Pforzheim to the Moscow stadium on an old 1936 tractor.

The maximum speed of the car is 20 km / h, but Mr. Wirth saw this as an advantage: the opportunity to get a good look at Russian nature. Leaving the house on May 15, he rode through Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland for a month. The fan spent the night right on the track, for this purpose he attached a special trailer to the tractor, in which there was a sofa, a comfortable double bed and a radio with a TV set.And so that it was not boring, he took on his journey his favorite dachshund named Hexa, which means “witch” in Russian.

Swiss Werner Zimmerman went to Russia on a tractor
Photo: wmtraktor18.ch

To the delight of the German, they learned about his arrival long before, and therefore Hubert was personally met at the stadium by the head of the Department of Sport and Tourism of Moscow, Nikolay Gulyaev. And he handed the guest the coveted ticket to the stadium, which could not afford to buy for his own retirement Virtue.

55-year-old Swiss Werner Zimmerman also went to Russia on a tractor. And he arrived in Kaliningrad on June 22 to watch the game of the Swiss national team against Serbia. He covered the distance of 1800 km in two weeks.

Unlike the German fan, Zimmerman chose a new car, but without power steering. According to the Swiss, he shook hands in the gym for a month to get ready for the trip.

Extreme, perhaps, was only the trip of the Argentinean Santiago Reale, who left for Moscow from Barcelona by bicycle. It took him three months to travel, and he visited 12 countries on the way to a dream. Friends did not believe in his success, but are glad that he ended up in Russia.

Argentine Santiago Real left Barcelona for Moscow by bike
Photo: Getty Images

However, the Russian fans came up with their answer to foreigners. And drove along the Arbat in the ... bath! No, they, of course, did not patent the new vehicle, however, they invented fixtures that made it possible to place a jacuzzi on the roof of the car. And you yourself, with the exception of the driver of the car, undressed to the bottoms and climbed into the pot, splashing the passersby with water. As acknowledged by young people, an unusual gesture was supposed to cheer up Russian fans and inspire to cheer for our team with even greater zeal.

And if someone still doubts that bears live in Russia, then a fan from Siberia showed it to the whole world by rolling around Tverskaya on a clumsy truck.

The predator looked very naturalistic until he took the tune in his hand and began to buzz and wave his paws in greeting. It was then that it became clear that this was a man in a bear's coat. But among foreigners, this did not diminish the desire to take a picture with a bear.

Distinguished and the Mexican fan. While at the stadium, he raised not the flag of his country, but the poster “Mom, I’m fine,” which means “Mom, I'm fine.”

“Football is football, and mother should be calm,” Jonathan Quiñones wrote on his Twitter account.

The fact is that when the 27-year-old boy quit his job and left for the Around the World, my mother was against it. But he promised her that he would report his affairs from each new place. And the promise so far holds.

Mexican Jonathan Quinones at the Moscow stadium in a t-shirt "Mom, I'm fine" and ...
Photo: @momimfine
... with Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo
Photo: @momimfine

In another way, and not to describe what was happening on the streets of Rostov-on-Don. Before the start of the match with Switzerland, the fans marched to the incendiary sounds of rumba and samba along Voroshilovsky Highway to the Rostov Arena stadium.

However, the Brazilians distinguished themselves not only by dancing. The Internet circled a video in which fans randomly scattered tea at the hotel where they were staying. But they did not ignore this fact, but asked the administration for a scoop and a broom to clean up after themselves.

The Swedes, meanwhile, made the proceeds from the souvenir shops in Nizhny Novgorod. On the day of the match between Sweden and South Korea there were no earflaps in the whole city.

“Swedish fans swept the entire stock of hats with earflaps. They spoke in English that they plan to use them as elements of costumes in a dance and music show about the championship in Russia, which they will put in their homeland, ”the souvenir sellers were surprised.

Lima resident Miguel is a big fan of the Peru national team.And travels around the players around the world for more than 20 years.

However, all tickets were sold out for the championship to Russia long before the start, and therefore Miguel had to be creative in order to get to the match.

The guy noticed that there were a couple of places for people with disabilities, and decided to become a person suffering from obesity. I bought a ticket, after which he had exactly three months to gain weight. Every day, Miguel ate 35 hamburgers, no less than a kilogram of french fries and always drank dinner with soda. However, the guy managed to fulfill the dream. He provided a certificate of his weight, and FIFA approved it.

See photos of the most unusual fans of the World Cup - 2018 in our gallery.

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