Wday tests: masks and hair conditioners

At any time of the year, especially in the fall, you need to pay attention to the health of your hair. Important aspects are not only a good shampoo, but also a balm, as well as a mask. The editors of Woman's Day tested several hair products and told about their impressions.
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Garnier, Sos recovery, 200 rubles

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Vasilisa Naumenko, beauty editor:

I started using this series as soon as it came out - more than a year ago. Initially, the attitude was biased: complete disposal of split ends for several applications? I do not believe!

But after the first use of the series: shampoo, mask, serum, the attitude changed. The hair looked shiny and silky. With incredible efforts, I proved to my friends that even if you use only serum after washing your hair, the effect will be amazing.

The main components of the mask are kerafil and amla oil. After a year of testing and using the products, I once again render a verdict that cheap does not mean bad.

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