Volumetric Valentine's Day DIY

The time when February comes to replace January usually takes place in preparation for a good and bright holiday - Valentine's Day. And although initially only couples in love celebrated it, now on this day both relatives and friends, and just close people, confess their best and warm feelings to each other.

And of course, they don’t stay Aside the kids who have a genuine interest in any event. Since it is very easy to make a valentine with your own hands, you can also include children of different ages in the process - let them make a symbolic surprise gift to everyone they want to please.

 Volumetric valentine do-it-yourself

A volume valentine with your own hands

And if you give free rein to your creative imagination, you can make real small works of art - for example, a heart of salt dough or volumetric gifts. azhnye hearts with declarations.

Because of the volume of paper valentine with your own hands is done on the same principle,as usual, with small additions:

We cut hearts of the same shape and size from cardboard.

Also, hearts from pieces of old light wallpaper and special paper for scrapbooking look very nice.

Cut out heart

We cut the heart out

From thinner paper we cut into narrow ribbons, on each of which we write pleasant words - let it be confessions in likes or good wishes.

 Wrapping the paper around the wand

Wrap paper around a wand

At each heart in the place where its halves are connected, we make a small cut.

Making a cut

Making a cut

We cut the edges of the cut onto each other and glue it - the heart becomes convex.

We glue together by slightly bending

We glue together slightly by bending

Thus, we add volume to all Valentine's blanks.

Valentines blanks

Valentine's blanks

Take a pair of such convex hearts and glue them in several places with each other,convex side out.

 We glue the two halves together

We glue the two halves between each other

We put a ribbon inside each valentine with kind words. If it is intended for someone specifically, we take out the tip of the ribbon on which the addressee's name is written.

 We sign valentines

We sign valentines

We fold our valentines into a beautiful container - and now a joyful surprise is ready for those close to the Day of All Lovers.

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