Visiting the stars: celebrities who opened restaurants

"Do not hide your money in banks and corners," - the cat Basilio and the fox Alice sang in the movie about Buratino. And enterprising artists and do not store, and invest extra fees in business, for example, in restaurants and cafes. In Moscow, only the lazy did not invest in his point of catering, including Ksenia Sobchak and Olga Buzova. There are fewer star institutions in St. Petersburg, but the first swallows are already working.

Matilda Shnurova

Photo: “Instagram” Matilda Shnurovoy

This is now regional cuisine has come into vogue. And six years ago, the wife of Sergei Shnurov, now the former, was one of the first to appreciate the possibilities of traditional Petersburg dishes. “A little madness, a lot of humor, love for native products and unpredictable combinations” - this is how visitors characterize the concept of its restaurant “Coco”. Depending on the season, the menu includes mushrooms, berries, roots, cereals, fresh vegetables and herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers that are grown in the Leningrad region. In the course are farm products, fish.Some names are salivating: Leningradsky pickle with fried chicken hearts, pike meatballs with home-made noodles in caviar sauce, honey-flavored sorbet with crispy pancakes. Interior Matilda designed herself. She invited a talented chef who works wonders from ordinary products.

Where:Voznesensky Ave, 6.

Specialty of the house:“Tourist's breakfast”, dessert “Mother's favorite flower”.

Average bill:1800−2000 rubles.

Alexander Kerzhakov

Photo: "Instagram" restaurant "Suli Guli"

Ex-attacker of Zenit Alexander Kerzhakov opened a restaurant Georgian cuisine “Suli Guli” a year ago in Rybatsky. The name translates from Georgian as "Soul and Heart." As a footballer admitted, he was pushed to take care of his health. The restaurant’s menu also includes Georgian dishes - kebabs on coals, khachapuri, satsivi, romain salad, Baku tomatoes, smoked suluguni, croutons, and other countries ’dishes - okroshka, cold borsch and cream soup made from mushrooms, pasta carbonara, knuckle and guli- burger

And, of course, there are football broadcasts here. At the same time, the restaurant is family-owned, and therefore the children have been allocated a separate menu here, as well as arranging holidays for young visitors.

“Alexander Kerzhakov is at the institution every month,” the administrators assured. - You may well meet him!

Where:st. Diesel Locomotive, 31, Port Nakhodka shopping and entertainment complex, 4th floor.

Specialty of the house:Kuchmachi (offal, stewed in wine, with pomegranate and cilantro).

Average bill:1500 rubles.

Sergey Svetlakov

Photo: Bazelevs Film Company

The artist decided to be closer to the viewer and opened the Yumm pizza restaurant chain throughout the country. There are eight institutions in St. Petersburg, all in residential areas. The idea of ​​the showman prompted a trip to America, where fast food restaurants are very popular. But people are the same everywhere, and pizza in Russia has also become almost a national meal. Decorated pizzerias in the style of American eateries. They serve 20 kinds of pizza, salads, soups, pastas, main dishes and Yamm ... rolls.

Where:Kosygin Ave., 24/1; Ave Slavy, 15/3; Ave Prosveshcheniya, 33; Peterhof Highway, 51; Leninsky Prospect, 87; Silver Boulevard, 17/1.

Specialty of the house:Rancho pizza (chicken, bacon, tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella, ranch sauce).

Average check: 700 rubles.

Andrey Kurpatov

Photo: “Instagram” by Andrei Kurpatov

Three floors of delicious food and drinks in the literary-restaurant complex "Symposium" - and behind all this is the well-known psychotherapist Dr. Andrei Kurpatov.On two floors - the author's cuisine, a lot of fish, meat and traditional Russian dishes such as dumplings, pies, pancakes, stewed in brine offal with potato cream, traditional Russian snacks and other goodies. On the ground floor - European and American cuisine.

In summer, there is a grill cafe in the courtyard. In the institution of Kurpatov, you can read or buy a book, from the classics of the books of the doctor himself.

“And the owner of the restaurant will sign it with pleasure,” say the staff of the restaurant. - He often eats here.

Where:st. Dostoevsky 19/2, lit. M.

Specialty of the house:stewed tongues of lambs.

Average bill:2000 rubles.

Alexander Belkovich

Photo: Instagram "Alexander Belkovich

The chef and presenter of the “Simply Kitchen” program at the CTC implemented all his ideas about tasty and healthy food in the “Belka” restaurant. At the entrance there is even a locker in which wheat grows, its sprouts are used for healthy fresh. You can order both traditional Russian cereals, soups, and handmade desserts.

- This is a mixed kitchen with the author's filing, - says Belkovich. - We use all the best that is in world cuisines - Italian, Spanish, Georgian, but we prepare from domestic products.

The chef revived such traditional, but long-forgotten Russian dishes, like spelled porridge. They invented a new dish: buckwheat - everything is like in risotto, but instead of buckwheat rice.

Where:st. Rybatskaya, 2.

Specialty of the house:eggs "Benedict" with salmon.

Average bill:1700-2500 rubles.

Jamie oliver

Photo: Instagram by Jamie Oliver

English chef and leading culinary television show is known for actively promoting healthy eating. For services to the Queen of England granted him the knighthood. Mr. Oliver had a hand in the opening of many establishments all over the world, one of them is in St. Petersburg - Jamie’s Italian restaurant. As the name implies, Italian cuisine: pasta, pizza, risotto, bruschetta, ravioli, tiramisu, lemon tart.

Right in the middle of the hall is a pasta machine, which makes fresh pasta in front of visitors.

“We cook everything according to Jamie Oliver’s recipes and from fresh products,” the restaurant assures.

As Oliver himself admits, he has been in love with Italian cuisine since childhood. “I like the idea - good food for everyone,” the chef once said. “This kitchen is not influenced by fashion; it keeps the unique traditions and spirit of the village.”

Where:Konyushennaya Sq., 2.

Specialty of the house:linguine with shrimp.

Average bill:1500 rubles.

Kirill Ivanov

Photo: "Instagram" restaurant "Society of Clean Plates"

Ivanova is known both as a soloist of the group “The Largest Prime Number”, and as a successful restaurateur. One of its establishments is the restaurant “Society of Clean Plates”. They feed there what he loves: cutlets, steaks, steaks, vegetable cream soup, lobio. From purely Russian dishes - borscht and beef stroganoff. Their cuisine in the restaurant is called international and underline: these simple dishes do not pretend to the title of high gastronomy, they are just honest and tasty cooked.

There is also a children's menu - macaroni with cheese and meatballs.

Where:Gorokhovaya st., 13.

Specialty of the house:curry.

Average bill:700–1500 rubles.

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