Vintage Handicraft Tools - Incredible Works of Art

At all times, ladies of even the highest position liked to do handicrafts, and of course, the tools for this important occupation were often made by jewelers from precious metals, and decorated in every possible way. So scissors, thimbles, tables for needlework and needle cases were themselves becoming an object of art.

Looking at my tools, I thought: how everything is now simple and simple. There is no beauty to you: scissors like scissors (most importantly, sharp ones), never learned to use a thimble, the only grandmother simple in the holes, lies somewhere in the long-forgotten boxes with her embroidery threads. The needle bed is so-so, an unremarkable pad, and the measuring tape is an ordinary one, twisted neatly into a roll.

But after reviewing these photos of antique tools for needlework, my creative nature sank uncontrollably and moaned at the sight of this incredible beauty.

Let's plunge into this world of luxurious handmade antiquity.

Enjoy all the viewing.

I will begin, perhaps, with scissors and kits for needlework. I admire.

Date: 08.10.2018, 19:26 / Views: 65394

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