Very simple sleeve pattern without complicated calculations.

Many academic disciplines offer us to teach complex and far from the most optimal ways of solving various tasks. Probably, specialists should really know the “from and to” theory, but for an ordinary person there is a rather simple and effective way.

The combination of the words "cutting and sewing" has become something familiar and indivisible. But many amateur seamstresses hate the first part. They can use ready-made patterns from magazines, or master this ingenious way of cutting. Moreover, we are talking about the sleeve - that part of the product, which is rather difficult to build without a lot of measurements and calculations.

Features of the human body allow you to design the sleeve, measuring only the palm! To build a sleeve pattern, use this trick.

First of all, you need to draw a horizontal line on a sheet of paper, and put a right angle away from it. The width of the base is calculated based on the size of the pattern shelves and back.Sleeve must be combined with armholes on them. The perpendicular line will be the middle of the sleeve.

Put the palm on the base so that the middle finger is aligned with the central line. We place our fingers as much as possible and mark their borders on paper. After we remove the hand, and connect the resulting marks with a curved line. The left palm allows you to build a pattern for the right sleeve.

On the pattern we sign the parts that will fit the shelf (front of the product) and the back.

Red line mark on the sleeve the place where the seam will pass. After that, cut the pattern along the seam and glue the parts, swapping them.

The resulting pattern can be used for sewing the sleeves, which will correspond to your personal parameters.

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