Unusual soft slippers: removable shoes are easy!

It turns out that slippers can not only be made from leather, suede and fur, or knit and crocheted, but also sewn from ordinary fabric. Such unusual soft slippers will be a real salvation for those who went on vacation and forgot the change of shoes.

From the style and material of slippers it is clear that they are more suitable for a warm season. They have an incision in the front, a flirty bow is emblazoned on top. The highlight of the light fabric slippers is their two-layer. The denser monophonic fabric is used on the outside, and the thinner and brighter on the inside. In this case, the bright lining acts like a lip for the edge and gives the slippers a more elegant look. A bow on top of slippers is made of bright lining fabric.

When you look at the pattern of slippers, it becomes immediately clear how to sew them. They are very easy to manufacture and you will need to stitch a few seams on a typewriter. These slippers will be an excellent way out in the situation when you need to quickly build lightweight replacement shoes. And even such soft slippers can fit even in a small bag.

Date: 09.10.2018, 02:00 / Views: 92442

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