Unexpected surprise, at first frightened the owners of the new house, became for them an inspiration

A few years ago, Sarah, Steve, and their two-year-old son moved to a new home in California. Before buying, the couple carefully examined the house and even took a few photos. But, finally moving their belongings and settling in a new place, they found a small surprise in the house. It seemed that all the nuances of the house were studied by Sarah before the paperwork ... But in her son's room, there was a mysterious door leading to a small room ... This find completely changed the life of a young family and marked the beginning of a new interesting stage in their lives.

Sarah has been fond of needlework for many years, and it is her occupation that has found application in the design of a mysterious garret. Together with his son, they began to make various applications of fabric, which slowly turned an inconspicuous room into a magical place.

About new handicrafts, Sarah reports to readers of her blog, and they closely follow the transformation of the house. Today, the blog pages contain photos of all the works. Sarah sews all things by hand, and her son provides her mother with all possible assistance. Work done so neatly that they seem to be the subject of mass design.

This is what the door to the mysterious room, which is located in the bedroom of a little boy, looks like. The same door with which it all began ... The condition of the room could hardly be called residential. Without repair, she even scared her tenants a little.

The door was closed with a chest of drawers, so buyers could not immediately notice it. The strange form did not allow to apply standard solutions in design and design. The linoleum in the garret was almost rotten, and the wiring was not closed. The condition of the wood also left much to be desired. Sarah and Steve could not figure out the purpose for which the previous owners used the premises. It seemed, it is simply impossible to use it somehow!

Since the dresser securely hid the entrance to the room, Sarah and Steve decided not to tell the kid about the cache, before they put it in order.They began to repair, and did everything necessary when their son was in the garden. Surprise could not be spoiled! Parents restored the walls and floor, hid the open wiring, and the room began to play with new colors.

Sarah designed her own design. She and her husband warmed and painted the walls, put a new floor covering.

Repair was ready for the boy's birthday. He turned 4 and his parents came up with a real holiday quest for his son. It turned out that as a birthday present, he received an incredibly cozy nook.

Here you can play alone or with friends, hiding from all strangers. What child does not dream about this?

Such a gift is impossible to forget! This room of treasures, which will delight the baby for many years.

History has become a real event, which is appreciated by people around the world. Now Sarah and her son can add new projects to their “treasury”.

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