Two artists went on an unusual trip on floating photo studios

Sometimes, in order to accomplish something extraordinary, you need to go beyond the usual. Especially often artists have resorted to this technique. Therefore, today there are not many who will be surprised with unusual studios for creativity. Two artists decided to leave the comfort zone by equipping their photo studios on board the rafts. They collected everything they needed and went on a journey together.

The artists called their project “Two Boats”, and set off along the rivers of Europe to make many interesting works. The Schulze boat looks like a country house on the water, it has a small hammock and even a place to rest on the roof.

The second boat is a huge camera obscura, which also serves as an exhibition of the work of Markovich. No matter how much the boats differ in their appearance and functions, their main common goal is to inspire.Both artists study the environment, urban life in different countries and are looking for new experiences during their travels.

The unique project is funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is the implementation of a national initiative aimed at developing tourism.

Each ship is much larger than it seems at first glance.

A wooden boat in the style of rustic, the author of which is Schulze, is a kind of creative center where artists can meet, organize discussions and seminars.

The atmosphere of creativity and rest is maintained by every detail of the house on the water.

But the camera obscura on the water, to a greater extent used for its intended purpose.

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