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TV series. What look?

Hello! What series do you watch?

Please advise a good series. Better foreign (but not necessarily). The main thing is charismatic heroes. I was pleased to look at “Lie to me”, “Supernatural”. I want something the same cool. Thank you.

a guest18.04.17 16:46

ABOUT! I also love "Supernatural". I watched avidly from the 1st to the 12th season. Even a pity that it ended! There is also this famous series ... Medieval fantasy. All the time I forget what is called ...

a guest21.04.17 14:04

This series is called - Game of Thrones. I do not know, I did not overpower him. They say a decent series Method.

Game of Thrones is an excellent TV series! Everything is well thought out, I don’t really know what I didn’t like.

I watch the detective series "Trace". And the plot is usually interesting, and the actors are good.

The Sword is a good show. See, you will not regret.

I watched Librarians-cool series! Easy, fantastic, nice actors. Just two seasons.

a guest26.09.17 18:20

but they did not go to me. After the supernatural especially

a guest26.09.17 18:21

started to watch our Russian TV series "Russian Beach" on the first one.Well, there is so twisted, Mama Do not Cry, 9-10 missed the series, and now nothing is clear, everything should be on the Internet to watch. There such a bunch of events for the 2 series occurs ((((

Thanks, see if interesting.

From the last viewed TV series I really liked Neurolinguist - a detective and at the same time an opportunity to look at the manifestation of certain mental diseases. And now in the evenings I watch “Salsa” on the first channel. Not that anyhow, but the music and dancing there are fascinating.

I like Lucifer, flash, makeup, eternity, on the verge. Choose.

Everyone is resting in their own way. But I personally try to devote more time to my hobby, so I don’t have any free time on the Internet and cinema. I do different crafts on my own at home, using products from an online storehttp://leonardohobby.ru/ishop/tree_9538924527/. It turns out pretty good

You can see the House of Cards, Tabu are very different, but both are cool

Mostly documentary.

Now here is the terror, about the Arctic expedition, while I really like it

And you watched the series Modified Carbonhttp://kinosrok.com/155-vidoizmenennyy-uglerod-r-27-02-2018.html?

Be sure to take a look!

Previously, the main fear of people was death.Fate no longer causes inconvenience. In the modern world, humanity has the opportunity to move consciousness to another entity. Even those who through their centuries have forgotten their original form continue to live on Earth.

bright and charismatic characters have not seen for a long time.

Began to watch the show Garbage, really like, interesting and fun

Supernatural watched, really liked. Now I watch more films, I recently watched Between the rowshttp://kinosklad.net/10483-mezhdu-ryadami-2018-online.htmlChristian gets a job at a huge mall, every day discovering the brave new world of endless racks, enjoying the epic tranquility of a trading warehouse and the fascinating mechanics of forklifts. Bruno from the drinks department takes Christian under his wing, dedicating the newcomer to the subtleties of retail. Flirting with Marion from the confectionery department quickly turns into love. Alas, the frolain turns out to be frau. When Marion goes on sick leave, Christian sinks into deep melancholy.

a guest12.07.18 21:00

I watch mostly foreign TV shows, although sometimes I do not disdain Russian cinema either. For example, I really liked the series "Major"https://mazhor-serial.ru/2-sezon-10-seriya/with Pavel Priluchnyi in the lead role. The plot is interesting, the game of actors is fascinating, well, in general, the idea of ​​the series is not bad. I recommend to see if you have not seen.

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