Topiary: a great alternative to indoor plants

Topiary has become a popular adornment, and this cute tree is made from anything: from candy to coffee beans. But why not turn to the classics and not make a tree of the usual form, with a stem and leaves? It will look very elegant and will be an excellent alternative to indoor plants.

You will need:

  • Beautiful ceramic pot (you can take a plastic, but it will not look as beautiful);
  • glass jar;
  • wooden stick;
  • ball of expanded polystyrene;
  • several artificial or natural branches (for registration of the trunk);
  • any filler (you can plaster);
  • green paint;
  • wire

Best of all in such a bouquet artificial succulents will look, their leaves are almost impossible to distinguish from real ones. Separate the leaves and berries from the branches.

Fasten a wooden stick in a can, and fix a foam-polystyrene ball on top of it. Strengthen the stick by filling the jar with any filler.You can pour gypsum, or tightly fill with foam.

Tie together a few twigs (natural or artificial) around the wooden base. Use a wire to fix it.

Now you should fix your ball on the ground. The ball can be searched in stores for creativity (then it will have to be painted), or in the department for floristics.

It remains to arrange the branches on the ball. You just need to stick them. Foam itself will fix everything.

The more branches you have, the more fluffy and voluminous topiary will be.

Put a jar with a tree in a ceramic pot, and disguise it with artificial moss.

Such a topiary can be given to friends, or organize a green zone in your apartment.

If possible, make a couple right away to make a symmetrical composition.

Date: 08.10.2018, 19:11 / Views: 31583

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