Top 10 most delicious impregnations for biscuits

Of all the variety of pastry biscuit, perhaps, is the most delicate and airy product of flour. After all, egg whites and yolks whipped with sugar are the basis of sponge dough, which, when whipped, increase in volume several times. However, to improve the taste, as well as give juiciness to the biscuit desserts, it is necessary to choose the right impregnation that can enhance the flavor of the product. We present ten of the most delicious impregnations for biscuits.
Chocolate Cake Sponge Cake Recipe
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Chocolate impregnation


100 g butter,

1 tbsp. cocoa powder,

200 ml of condensed milk.

Cooking method

Pour water into a large saucepan and put on the fire. Place a smaller saucepan inside the large saucepan (so that it is all covered in water, therefore, pour the water in an incomplete saucepan).

In a smaller saucepan, place chopped butter, cocoa powder and condensed milk. Mix everything thoroughly (with a mixer) and make sure that the mixture does not boil.

For better taste you need to soak warm biscuit cakes with hot impregnation.

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