To dream of a house, a dream-book

For many, the house is associated with protection, support and good. But psychologists assert that the dwelling in a dream is a symbol of the sleeper�s inner world, the personification of the problems that need to be solved. What does this dream mean according to different interpreters?

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Why dream of a house

Dream Aesop

Seeing yourself inside an empty building is a sign of future problems, which only family can help deal with.

If you dream about your chores, wait for the arrival of guests or the appearance of a child.

To see a building of sand in a dream is a symbol of the fragility of routine work.

Dreams of someone else's house - what? In a dream, repairs are made by households or neighbors, and you only observe - in reality you will encounter difficulties in making an important decision.

A house with expensive repairs in a dream promises a chance to fulfill an old dream.

If you see that you are the owner of an old house, then be careful: in fact, you can quarrel with your loved ones.

A terrible laugh from the house is dreaming - be prepared to tolerate the superstitions of a superstitious person.

Oddly enough, but the sale of your household items at auction in a dream - a symbol of great wealth and prosperity.

The interpretation of D. Loff

According to the psychologist's dream book, the house dreams of changes in life, loss of stability, or rapid career growth.

A dwelling full of people is a sign of your restless inner world, a frantic search for a way out of problems.

Flying house indicates an unpredictable decision.

Destroyed house - not a good dream. He promises relocation, divorce, or even a serious illness.

Building housing dreams to success at work or personal life.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

To see a father's house in a dream means joy and luck. If he is in poor condition - be prepared for vanity and minor problems.

Treason and betrayal - this is what dreams of someone else's house on fire.

Search for your old house and not find it - a symbol of mistrust to people who used to seem honest to you.

Leaving a childhood home in a dream means wrecking your plans and hopes.

See how a dead relative comes into his house - an omen of the illness of loved ones.

The dwelling in the fire and smoke dreams to losses.

If in a dream you sweep the floor, then expect the guests to arrive soon.

If the roof of your home collapses on your head in a dream - beware of serious diseases, pass a physical examination.

Treatment E. Tsvetkova

According to the esoteric dream book, the house is a sign of danger.

To wash the floors in the apartment - a warning about the death of a loved one.

A dwelling on a mountain or over a cliff in a dream promises old age alone.

Rest in the house can symbolize trouble and gossip envious.

Ukrainian dream book

If a wall falls on you in a dream, then trouble may come crashing down on you.

If, before the wedding, a girl dreams about how she builds a house, then marriage will be successful and happy.

Whirlwind ripped off the roof of the house - beware of natural disasters.

Burning house dreams of property theft.

Dream interpretation by Miller

If in a dream you do not have a home, then in reality be prepared to resist the onslaught of failures and losses.

Death or severe illness - this is what dreams of a new home.

Girl to leave home in a dream promises the machinations of gossip and envious.

Abandoned home - the prediction of sad events.

Dream interpretation of Simon Canaanite

Cover the house with a roof - a sign of losses and failures in work.

Buying an apartment dreams to improve material well-being.

A house with a gilded roof dreams of dishonest treatment of you.

The new house dreams of a young man as a symbol of dating an attractive girl.

Interpretation of Zhou-Gong

If the building is swinging in the wind, then in reality, get ready for a quick move.

To give your house for rent promises promotion.

A stranger or an empty house in a dream warns of death.

Repair of the old hut dreams of happiness and health.

Dream dream Hasse

Renovated housing - a symbol of the disclosure of all your secret sins.

Destroy the walls of the apartment promises disputes and proceedings with neighbors.

Treatment Vanga

A cozy house dreams in a sign of family well-being and fulfillment of a dream.

See a gorgeous mansion - in reality all the troubles will pass, come the "white line".

A stranger's home is a sign of big changes in life.

Freund's Dream

New home - why dream? A warm and cozy home in a dream symbolizes your reverent love.

Cold and uncomfortable housing dreams in a sign that your feelings for his beloved long gone out.

A neat and tidy house - shows the harmony in your sexual relationship. Dirty and destroyed - a sign of your intimate dissatisfaction.

The interpretation of Nastradamus

If in a dream in your home hordes of cockroaches, then in reality beware of the wiles of detractors.

If you dream about entering a foreign house, in reality you invade a stranger�s personal space.

A building without a roof symbolizes the helplessness of a friend.Your support and participation will help him get out of his problems.

A dwelling with broken windows or without doors is a prediction of a serious illness or death.

A large number of guests in the house speaks about the loyalty and honesty of your friends.

If an elderly person dreams of a house in the clouds, then the sleeper will soon leave this world.

The house is often a dream for people eager for change, and those who are concerned about their future. As a dwelling in a dream, you can easily determine what awaits you, so this dream has an important meaning in interpretation.

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