To dream a language - what?

Dreams with language are interpreted in a variety of ways - from large profits to sad news. Consider the basic interpretation of the situations when you dream of language. First of all, the value depends on the time of year. To dream of a tongue in the fall means that you need to carefully monitor what you say during a conversation. In the summer, such a dream can mean a strong altercation (possibly due to the use of alcohol), and in the spring - slander or denunciation. There are other interpretations about what dreams you have in which you have a tongue.

Dreams for women

Your words can provoke a major scandal or quarrel with friends. If you have speculated that your language has been wounded, try to speak less.

Small Veles dream

Coming into your life unpleasant companion. A short tongue is a precursor to financial gain, and a wounded or swollen tongue can mean a relative illness.

Dream Gypsy

If you dream of a swollen language, then you obviously do not know how to keep secrets. And if you dreamed the language of an animal, then you can soon become famous thanks to your intelligence.

Aesop dream book

A harbinger of unexpected news or warnings.In particular, to dream in a language with wounds is much to the trouble of unnecessary talk. A cut-off language means receiving false information from friends, and a numbed language is a series of unlucky events in life.

If in a dream someone sticks out his tongue, it means provocation for a bad deed. Cooking a dish from the tongue - to overcome all the troubles of life. A long tongue is a harbinger of unpleasant rumors.

If in the realm of Morpheus you bit your tongue, then you need to less believe in leisurely speculations of others. Lick in a dream ice cream - to the good news, and to feel a sour or bitter taste - to disappointment.

Freund's Dream

A tongue stuck in your address means that you have not had quality sex for a long time. Burnt tongue is a sign that you need to be careful with what you say, and bitten tongue is about revealing your comrade’s personal secret.

French dream book

For this dream book, language is the need to be prudent. If you dream of a long tongue, be prepared to regret that you have missed the past.

Dream Dream

Bite tongue - to vain hopes or fright.If in a dream you have a phrase in your tongue, then in reality you will have to remember something. Sleep associated with the languages ​​of other countries is a sign that you do not fully understand yourself.

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