Tips to make knitting easy for everyone

Today we want to share with you some tips that will help you make the knitting process easier.

12 tips to make knitting easy for everyone

  • ALWAYS knit a sample. Do not regret this time and expensive yarn. You knit with needles, which you plan to knit at least 1-2 rapport, close the loops, wash with warm water and dry. Only then can the sample be measured and loops calculated on a large product.
  • It is not necessary to choose the number of the needles according to the recommendation indicated on the package of the yarn. Each needlewoman has her own particular knitting style: loose or, on the contrary, tight. The size of the needles, you can adjust the density of the fabric, adjusted for your style.
  • After the product is connected and sewn, it is necessary to wash it in order to wash off the factory wax, moth treatment. Wash with a liquid detergent for washing wool in warm (not hot) water. Rinse several times. Wring out a towel, gently twisting. Leave to dry on a horizontal surface on a dry towel,giving the desired shape with your hands.
  • Do not save on yarn. Life is too short to knit from synthetics and poor quality wool. Remember how in childhood you did not like a prickly cap and biting mittens. For children's clothes, choose merino. It is soft and does not prick at all. Having saved, you will spend time knitting things, which after washing will lose its appearance. The thread will stretch, the paint will shed. Good yarn in the product for years.

  • How to make unnoticeable beautiful adjustments: hide the purl loops under the facial. We knit facial loops in aranah together last. "Eat" everything around the ornament. Change the size of the needles to smaller in places of delays.
  • After the product is blossomed, if you decide to tie something new from this yarn, you definitely need to wash the yarn. It will be smooth, you will be more comfortable to knit. Wind the yarn with long hinges, like for a pastern, for example, on the back of a chair. Tie a contrast thread so as not to be confused. Wash, leave to dry, hanging by one of the fastening threads. After drying, rewind into balls.
  • Hats, snoody, sweaters, sleeves better knit in a circle without a seam. For hats, snows it is better to use knitting needles on a line of 40 cm. For a sweater line 60, 80 cm.Sleeves, mittens can be knit using 80,100 cm fishing line.
  • Pairing can be knit simultaneously on the needles with fishing line using the “magic loop” method. Use knitting needles with a smooth connection to the fishing line (for example, detachable from Knit pro) and a 80, 100 cm long fishing line.
  • It is possible to knit in 2 threads from one coil: a thread from the outside and inside of a wrap. Or, for example, take 2 tips for knitting using the “magic loop” method.

  • Record the initial data on the product: the name of the yarn, the article / color name, the number of the spokes, the number of typed loops. When you want to repeat, you will not need to remember or calculate.
  • Elastic bands knit with smaller diameter needles, the “rice”, “pearl” pattern makes the thing more voluminous, the arana, the braids compress the thing. Arana and braids, jacquard knit knitting larger diameter.
  • It is easier to tie a hat of the desired shape using different size of the needles: the gum is 1 / 1.5 smaller, the main part with the needles shown on the yarn package is closer to the crown again to a smaller size in order to smoothly narrow the product.

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