Tip 2: Why cats love to sleep

First of all, daytime sleep is necessary for the child so that his biorhythms are not disturbed. It is known that the main manifestations of biorhythms of the human body: wakefulness and sleep. And based on them, all other phases of human life occur. In children who refuse to sleep during the day, there is a lack of concentration, lethargy, fatigue and fatigue.
It should also be noted that daytime sleep is necessary in order for the child to best absorb the information, knowledge, which he captures in large volumes in everyday life. During sleep, the human brain does not stop working, it switches. At this point, there is a gradual assimilation of information and processing seen during wakefulness. That is why the child simply needs even a short, but daytime sleep.
Numerous studies have shown that systematic misses of daytime sleep increase a child’s risk of developing problems against the background of emotional self-expression in adulthood.This kind of chronic lack of sleep can lead to the fact that the baby will not be able to cope with difficulties and troubles, to learn interesting and new things for him.
Studies have shown that when children who have slept during the day are confused, for example, they cannot collect a picture during a game, they are likely to ask for help from others. This is a positive adaptive response. This result indicates the activity and rate of cognitive abilities. The lack of adaptive reactions, which was observed in under-sleeping children, calls into question how they adapt to the complex and difficult world around them.
A child who does not sleep during the day, as a rule, refuses to interact with other children. His abilities and skills are frozen. Over time, there is fear, increased irritability, closeness, which undoubtedly affects the productivity of interaction with surrounding adults and children. Even a single skip of daytime sleep makes children less positive, reducing their natural cognitive abilities.
Full sleep, like good nutrition, is the daily need of children, which is responsible for regularly receiving from the external environment and the people around them all the most important.Only parents are able to inculcate the correct daily routine so that their children fully develop throughout their lives.

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