Tip 2: What is the key to confidence

Each person is good in his own way and unique. Therefore, first of all, determine what you like and what suits you personally, given your character, lifestyle, preferences and features of appearance. Good physical and moral well-being is the basis of a beautiful image. Try to build your life so that you feel happy, and treat the troubles on the principle of "And this will pass." Beautiful, smooth posture - this is the first indicator of your sense of self. But it works in the opposite direction, i.e. consciously holding a proud posture, you begin to feel better, and others perceive you as a more beautiful person.
Do not forget that negative emotions, even those that you do not express openly, are imprinted on your face in the form of unpleasant facial expressions, deep wrinkles, lowered corners of the mouth and tense expression. And nobody will call it beautiful. And even open rudeness or contempt can spoil even the most perfect by nature person.Therefore, do not let negative emotions take root in you, be friendly and calm, smile more and you will be beautiful in the eyes of others. In addition, remember that sincere interest in other people will make you very attractive in the eyes of almost any interlocutor.
Of course, without some external aspects of beauty can not do. Watch out for yourself is necessary. From you should come the impression of general grooming. It is not necessary for this to spend a lot of time and money on makeup, beauty salons and expensive clothes. But at least at home it is necessary to regularly and properly care for the skin of the face and body. Watch the condition of the hair: they should be clean and smooth, use high-quality hair dyes, shampoos and balms to prevent burnout and strong section of the tips. Brush your teeth regularly and wash. Exercise or do gymnastics at home. Eat properly and drink plenty of water, give up bad habits. All these simple procedures guarantee good physical well-being and beautiful appearance.
An important part of the beautiful image - clothes and shoes.It is important to dress so that it fits your internal style and external situation. Do not chase the latest fashion, if they are �not to your liking� or �not according to your body�. Clothes should be comfortable, tastefully chosen and suitable for you. Shoes - comfortable and neat.
A person is made beautiful by a person himself, and everyone can be beautiful. Your task is to believe in it and a little work on yourself.

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