Tip 2: How to reduce the sensitivity of teeth

The most common cause of sensitivityof teeth- thinning of tooth enamel and dentin exposure, the thinnest tubes of which are connected to nerve endings. In addition, the teeth become sensitive as a result of various failures in the body, as well as during pregnancy.
How to reduce the sensitivity of teeth
Go to the consultation to the dentist. He will examine the oral cavity and prescribe a suitable treatment. The most inexpensive dental procedure to help reducesensitivityof teeth- this is enamel coating with a special varnish. If necessary, it is carried out from three to six times with breaks of two to three days.
You can sign up in the dental clinic for the procedure of remineralization or sealing sensitiveof teeth. This method can save you from a problem in a short time.
Carefully monitor oral hygiene, brush your teeth in time to prevent the growth of bacteria that produce weakening tooth enamel acid.
Using special pastes with calcium and fluoride will also help reducesensitivityof teeth. At the same time, the openings of the dentine tubules, through which pain is felt, are mechanically blocked.
Frequently rinse your mouth with water and add tea tree oil (dissolve 3-5 drops of oil in 0.5 cups of water). This procedure strengthens tooth enamel,of teeth, gum, eliminates unpleasant odor, helps prevent the formation of periodontal disease and caries.
Use soft bristled toothbrushes.
Take only warm food. Avoid sudden transitions from cold to hot dishes, as well as eating sour or too sweet food. This weakens the tooth enamel and promotes the formation of microcracks on it.
During periods of exacerbations of sensitivityof teeth(autumn and spring) be more attentive to their condition, do not be lazy to follow the above recommendations, then you may not have to go to the dentist again.

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