Tip 2: How to draw a chart

In Microsoft Excel, you can, by specifying your settings, create an automaticchart�from the templates of the program, but these diagrams are no different neither clarity nor aesthetics. Based on the finished diagram in Excel, you can create your ownchart, more visual, concise and stylish, using the same parameters.
In the previous diagrams, get rid of all the excess. Your chart should resemble an easy and clear graph, free from unnecessary details, transparent and aesthetic. To make the graph clear, do not use more than two colors in it. Red, black and shades of these colors will be the best option for any chart. This makes it easy to read information on each scale. Be sure to reflect in the graph a noticeable increase in parameters.
If you have two diagrams whose indicators can be combined into a general chart, use this feature - make one overall handy.chart. Each parameter color in its color.
It is not necessary to show the ratio of different indicators in one column of the chart - such information will not be read by the viewer. It is much better to divide each column into two - red and black. The value of one or another indicator will be shown in each column, and the height of the column will be shown in accordance with it. However, reading the information can still present difficulties, as the number of columns increases, and it is difficult for the reader to correlate them with the total values on the lower scale.
Much neater will look the same chart, in which the main scale (for example, distributing the results by year) will be placed vertically, and all the columns will be directed sideways. Since long numbers will also be placed horizontally, the chart will not give the impression of too much data.
Each pair of columns on one scale parameter should be placed in a third color field (for example, gray) for greater clarity, and the gray bar should be displayed sideways for a length corresponding to the total indicator of two scale columns.In the numerical version, write down the general indicator to the right of the strip, using the same gray color. In this form, the diagram will be already readable.

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