Tip 2: How to beat seasickness

Seasickness occurs not only among sailors and lovers of water travel. This disease has combined the discomfort that a person experiences when driving in a train, bus, plane, car.
How to beat seasickness

������In order to ease your way and win the motion sickness, I advise you to read a few rules and if possible follow them.
���������If you are going to go far, then think about it in advance - do not eat heavy fatty foods 6 hours before the road and try not to eat at least an hour before departure. Take easily digestible food - fruits, vegetables, salty cracker. Do not forget to put in a bag a few mint candies or mint chewing gum. Once felt nausea, you should take the candy and slowly dissolve it. Candy will distract your body, and mint - soothe. Also, before the road, you can put a few drops of mint essential oil on your wrists.
��������On the road, make a weak tea with lemon or ginger compote.Carbonated drinks, and even more so alcoholic should not be consumed.
��������Try to provide yourself with as much air as possible: open the window, go out to fresh air, turn on the ventilation. If possible, choose a place where movement is felt least. Sit and stand only in the direction of travel.
��������At the first sign of nausea, close your eyes and fix your head if possible (lean on the back, lie flat). Do not read on the road, do not solve crosswords. It is better to look ahead or out the window just above the horizon.
�������If you travel by car, stop every 2-3 hours. During the stop, walk, make a few bends, stretch. If you are traveling by train or bus, do not ignore the stops and try to go out at every opportunity.
������And the most important thing is a positive attitude. From the very beginning of the preparation for the trip, tune in that everything will be fine with you and recharge yourself with positive emotions.

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