This futuristic library in China is different from all that we have seen before.

A company called the construction of the Tianjin Binghai Public Library, an impressive cultural center, is different from all the libraries you've seen before. The area of ​​the library, created in collaboration with local architects TUPDI - 33,800 square meters. Book shelves are placed from floor to ceiling. Wavy bookshelves and a multi-layered ceiling give the library an incredibly futuristic look.

Created in record time (in just three years), the Tianjin Binghai Library was built as part of a cluster of five cultural buildings in the Binghai district, connected by a glass corridor. The design of the library focuses on a massive spherical structure in the center of the hall. Bookshelves are located on both sides of the room and serve as chairs and stairs.These wave-like contours continue up to the ceiling and are reflected on the glass facade like curved blinds.

The interior of the Tianjin Binghai Library is similar to one continuous bookshelf. “The bookshelves are large seating areas and at the same time allow access to the upper floors,” says Winnie Maas, co-founder of MVRDV.

The first two floors of the library consist of reading rooms, books and recreation areas, and on the upper floors there are conference rooms, offices, computer and audio rooms and two patios on the roof. Despite the fact that MVRDV initially planned to open access to the upper shelves, due to the tight construction time it was decided to simplify the design. Although the upper part of the library is inaccessible, visitors do not seem to mind.

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