"There is no other similar happiness": Maria Adoevtseva gave birth to a son

The boy was born in an ordinary Moscow hospital.

The fact that the ex-participant of the reality show "Dom-2" is waiting for the baby became known in the spring when Maria herself admitted this to Instagram subscribers. And even she declassified the sex of her future child: “Let there be a son! From day to day a new man will be born in the seven. ” Fans bombarded Maria with congratulations, because so far in the family there are two girls, the daughter of Masha from her first marriage, and the daughter of her spouse Michael, also from previous relationships.

Photo: @_prosto__maria_

The baby really had to be born from day to day: Maria even took a pause in Instargam to finally prepare for the birth. I collected the bag, set up to give birth at the weekend, but ... The baby had its own plans. At the weekend he was not asked to light.

“I believed and hoped that this weekend would bring us good news ... And we will become large. But man only assumes, and God, apparently, has other plans for us, see, better than ours.But they managed to prepare a house and a room for a son's house-warming, arranged a changing area, put a crib next to our bed. How many babies do you need, if only mom with milk was always nearby, ”Maria wrote on Monday.

Photo: @_prosto__maria_

Good news came very soon. On Tuesday, Maria again became a mother. A healthy baby weighing 3460 grams and growing 51 centimeters was born in Moscow maternity hospital number 25.

"Everything is like in a dream ... We are safe with the son, unharmed ... But there is no strength ... As there is no other similar happiness in the world," the young mother shared her feelings with subscribers.

Photo: @_prosto__maria_

By the way, Maria said that during this pregnancy she gained only 10 kilograms.

“For some reason, the appetite was not enough for all these 9 months. Just like a dream, ”she said in her microblog.

Subscribers, in response, showered their darling with congratulations and wishes for a speedy recovery: “Son.

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