“The World of Doors” Turns a House into a Fortress

I needed an urgent installation of two armored doors at once - the front doors in Kiev to the house on the facade, and others - facing the courtyard. The house was already at the stage of almost readiness, there were not enough doors and beautiful lattices on the windows. I was looking for armored doors Ukraine (Kiev), and was literally at the golden choice.

So, one might say, by chance, our family opened the shop "World of Doors". I did not expect to find such a wide choice of quality and various doors in one place! And not only the doors, but also all that is needed for anti-burglary installation: the best locks with a high degree of reliability, reinforcing mechanisms for installing the door leaf, armored padding on the locks, and mounting materials. To this should be added the presence of heat and sound insulation, which is especially important when everyone is trying to “warm up”, because our tariffs are growing and growing, and there is no end to this process. And behind such doors you can feel completely safe: the heat from the house does not go away, and the entrance to others is not available!

After a long look at the photos, studying the detailed descriptions on the site of what armored doors are today, we stopped at the entrance doors of MDF Lux. The choice turned out to be very successful: anti-cuts, anti-vandal film, two-system Italian MOTTURA Castle. That is, we coped with the very appearance of the door fairly quickly, the stop was short - the choice of color.

This is where we went to http://mirdverei.kiev.ua/ with my wife and son, so we were stuck there for a long time. After all, think for yourself: more than two hundred drawings, fifty of possible colors! In the end, we began to doubt between the two colors, and ordered "Mahogany" and "Dark Apple Embossed", in order to finally decide which doors will decorate the facade, and which will go to the courtyard, where, by the way, we also did not want to put anything because it is in the courtyard we will receive guests, in the summer we will have a family dinner. I want beauty and aesthetics. Naturally, they summoned the measurer, who arrived on the same day, quickly and carefully measured everything.

As a result, when the order was already delivered, we chose an “apple tree” for installation on the facade, in which we liked stamping very much and the “Mahogany” in the yard.We installed both doors without the slightest problem - everything is so high-quality that it was just nice to look at the work of the installers, who were also provided by the company “World of Doors”. By the way, real masters of their craft work here: quickly, harmoniously, precisely. Our doors now - as a monolith, there were no distortions and "inconsistencies" either during installation or now.

Guys! Thank you for the fruitful cooperation! Now I’m picking up which lattices to order.

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:48 / Views: 92473

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