The weather in Moscow for May 2017 is the most detailed and accurate forecast of the weather forecast for each day. What weather will be in the Moscow region in May 2017

PMM-001Cool and rainy at the beginning of the month and warmer, dry at the end - this is what the weather is expected to be in Moscow in May 2017. In any case, this is exactly what the most accurate preliminary forecast made by the Russian hydrometeorological center testifies to. Almost the same weather situation is predicted by forecasters and the Moscow region, with the only difference being that it warms in the southern part of the region much earlier than in the north and north-west of the district.

Weather in Moscow in May 2017 from the weather center - a general forecast for the beginning and end of the month

The general preliminary forecast of the Russian weather center,made on the basis of regular observations of the weather situation in the capital and supported by statistical data for 10 years, says that the weather in Moscow in May 2017 will be unstable and will be remembered by guests and residents of the capital by sharp fluctuations in temperature during the day, cold nights and a cloudy sky tightly overcast with heavy rain overcast. At the beginning of the month, it is not necessary to count on real spring heat. The thermometer during this period will not rise above the mark of + 12 ° C in the daytime, and at night the air will cool to + 6 ° C and on some days even to + 1 ° C.


Intensive warming will begin only in the third decade of the month, and in the last days of May, the southern cyclone will come to the capital and almost summer temperature indicators will appear on the thermometers. There will be less rain, and from the 30th day Moscow will have beautiful, dry and comfortable weather, ideal for long walks, sightseeing and admiring modern and ancient architectural monuments.

Weather in Moscow on May 2017 - the most accurate weather forecast for each day

In the most accurate preliminary forecast of weather forecasters, regular precipitations, partly cloudy weather with clearings and infrequent gusty winds (up to 8 m / s) are planned for every day of May 2017 in Moscow.During the first two decades, it will still be pretty cool, and after the 20th day, warm, mild and comfortable weather will start to slowly come to the capital.


Weather in Moscow in May 2017 by day - what does the weather center promise

On the first May day in the capital, the air temperature will be about + 8 ° C and only for dinner the thermometer will reach + 12 ° C. Warm spring rain will begin in the morning, so residents and guests of the city, leaving the house in the morning, will have to wear waterproof shoes and take a raincoat or an umbrella with them. By noon, precipitation will stop and the sky will clear up a bit, however, the sun, nevertheless, will not be able to break through because of the clouds. When it gets dark, it will rain again, but by midnight it will stop and the next morning will be relatively warm and dry.

3 numbers will sharply become colder, and the temperature will begin to drop every day until 6 May. During this period in the morning, thermometers will record about + 8 ° C, and at night no more than + 2 ° C. No cost and no rain, however, it will rain mostly in the evening and will not create a strong inconvenience to anyone.

On May 7, the southern atmospheric front will come to the city and bring with it a slight warming. First, the mercury column will rise to + 10 ° C, and already on May 10 it will reach the mark of + 13 ° C. From 11 to 15 May the weather will be even better.The air will warm up to + 11 ... 14 ° C, the rains will completely stop, and the sun will be shown from time to time, as though reminding residents and guests of the capital of a rapidly approaching summer. This idyll will be dispelled by a cold cyclone, which suddenly appeared on May 16 in Moscow. The temperature will again drop to + 8 ... 9 ° C and for two days the city will again be at the mercy of torrential rains.

18 and 19 numbers will be relatively quiet. A light south-westerly wind will disperse part of the clouds and cause precipitation to stop. On the street, it gets warmer again and the mercury column instantly rushes up, first to the mark of + 15 ° C, and then to + 18 ° C.

From May 22 will be warm every day. Until the very end of the month, the air temperature in the morning hours will not fall below + 20 ° C, and on some days will reach truly hot indicators (+ 24 ... 25 ° C). In the very last days of May, the capital will establish a dry, clear, very warm and windless weather, more like not in springtime, but in a full-fledged summer season.

Weather in the Moscow region in May 2017 - information from the hydrometeorological center


According to the weather center, the weather in the Moscow region in May 2017 will be in many ways similar to the weather situation in the capital itself.The only difference will be that in the southern and southeastern parts of the region it is warmer a little earlier, namely at the beginning of the second decade of the month. But the north and northwest almost until June will be dominated by the invigorating spring coolness. There, the average daily temperature will not exceed + 14 ° C, and at night the mercury column will drop to almost winter + 2 ... 3 ° C. On the ground, there will still be frosts and it will be extremely uncomfortable to leave the house without a jacket or a warm jacket in the early morning.

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