The student really did not want to live in a dormitory, and was forced to come up with something special.

Studying at the institute is not the cheapest pleasure. But a student named Bradley from Jacksonville decided that living in a dorm was not for him. The guy decided not to rent a house to avoid unnecessary expenses. Instead, he built a tiny house on wheels. The area of ​​housing is only 21 square meters, but it has everything you need for one person. Additionally, the guy equipped a comfortable porch where you can relax in the evenings. The house is located among the dense forest, near the stream.

The main reason that made Bradley think about budget construction was cost savings for studies. In the first year after school, the guy rented a house. After paying the rent for the year, he realized that construction would be cheaper for him. He returned to his parents and began to save money on his house.The guy bought many things on sale or in thrift stores. Only some building materials had to be purchased for their full cost. Construction began with the purchase of a small trailer.

The walls were trimmed with ordinary boards, and the ceiling was left as is. The house is equipped with a special storage room and a small attic room.

For furnishings used folding furniture. As a result, in such a small area there is room for a sofa and a TV.

In the house everything is very comfortable and rational. Under the stairs is organized storage system.

Bradley independently conducted electricity and connected lighting devices. The house has a kitchen corner, equipped with local sewage.

A small sofa serves as a backup bed for guests.

The toilet is not too spacious, but it has everything you need.

The bed of the host is located in a small attic. Here you can not get up to full height, but you can sleep on a spacious wide bed.

If you make room, 25 people can fit in the house.But the only thing they can do comfortably all together is a selfie ...

The construction of this house not only provided Bradley with housing during college, but also assured him that many goals were achievable. He independently carried out many technical works, for example, he conducted an electrician in a house. Now the guy is not afraid to learn new things and set himself interesting tasks. He does not have to share a cramped room with his neighbors and adapt to their lifestyle. He invested the rent for accommodation in his own housing, which, if necessary, can be moved to another place.

If necessary, the house can be attached to the car and transported to another place.

In the video below you can take a closer look at this project.

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