Which company sewing machine is better?

Which firm's sewing machine is better?

If we talk about the manufacturer of sewing equipment, implying reliability, quality and durability of the machine, then the undoubted leader was and remains the American (originally German) company Singer.

Of course, the conditions of tough competition in the CIS markets allow Japanese manufacturers to advance to leading positions in popularity and demand, but the experience gained over the century of the company's existence Singer speaks for itself. The indisputable proof of the unchanged, existing to this day, quality of Singer sewing equipment is an endless amount of positive feedback, both from the users themselves and from the service center craftsmen.

Singer -quality tested by the centurySingersewingmachine

Many sewing masters recommend beginners to look at the Singer lineup, arguing that as the sewing machines of this company are not inferior to any other manufacturers.

But it's worth noting that a lot of time has passed since the first Singer machines appeared. And modern models are many times different from antique "beauties", repurchased for big money in black markets, both in appearance and in functionality. The only consistent criterion for Singer equipment is quality.

In addition, the Singer sewing machine range is wide enough and diverse so that everyone, be it a beginner, an inexperienced amateur or a professional in his field, finds a suitable option.

Budget sewing machineSinger- reality or dream?

As mentioned above, the wide range provided by the manufacturer allows everyone to choose the best option, including the budget.

Of course, it is important to note here that for each “expensive” it is associated with different numbers, but if we take in general, one cannot say that the cost of budget Singer sewing machines is very different from the analogs of other leading manufacturers.

For example, the popular budget electromechanical modelSinger8280is in great demand among beginners, due to the simple and intuitive interface, as well as the ability to handle as heavy (leather, upholstery, curtains), and light (cotton) fabrics.In addition, the model is capable of performing 7 sewing operations, which include the basic stitch types. Distinctive features of the Singer 8280 are:

  • zigzag stitch length and width adjustment,
  • automatic thread tension,
  • zipper foot,
  • highlight work area.

And if you compare this versatile, compact typewriter with Janome, Brother and others, there is practically no difference in price.

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