For the first time, the 72-hour rule was described by the German writer and business coach Bodo Schaefer.

Do you have any dream. Or they can even be several - large and not very much. Now think about it - were your dreams fulfilled earlier and how much did it depend on the complexity of the dream? Or from something else?


The 72-hour rule was first described by a German writer and business coach Bodo Schaefer.

It says: if you have any plans or dreams - start their implementation within 72 hours after these plans appeared.

In fact, these may even be small steps, but these must necessarily be steps that, in your understanding, lead to the execution of your plans.


This phenomenon is explained in its own way by both psychologists and adherents of mystical views on life. So, no matter what worldview you have, this rule easily fits into it.

Mystics say that the Universe, seeing that you are not taking any steps to fulfill your dream - puts them aside as unimportant for you and no longer helps you in this direction.

Psychologists say that your subconscious mind thinks this way - it divides plans and dreams into essential and non-essential according to how seriously you intend to fulfill them.

And, approximately, the length of time when the desire in you is still quite fresh and it can be confirmed by actions and is about 3 days - that is, 72 hours

So if you want something - plan your steps immediately, and even small steps will bring you closer to success. The main thing - perseverance and desire.

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