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The son goes to the 3rd grade, and an epidemic of influenza began in their school. I'm shocked, but it seems like the study has begun, but everyone has already gotten ill. How to treat, so as not to harm the immune system?

In the new school year, the nephew goes to the first class of the Moscow school. She is very close to me, so I, like her parents, worry about her. I want her studies to be easy, not a burden.

Daughter finishes school next year. She wants to enroll in a university as an economist. How best to prepare for the exam and enroll in a university. Maybe you should hire a tutor? What type of training is the most effective?

Girls who have grown-up children, I want to know your opinion about the situation. I have an older son, he is 20 years old, he is studying in Kaliningrad University.

Hello. The 10th anniversary of our son is coming, he wants to invite friends to celebrate it together. Advise where to organize a holiday in Yekaterinburg?

What do you give children to school to drink with them?

At the last parent meeting, the classroom complained that the son absolutely did not want to learn. Asks me to influence him.I worry about it (

Son 7 years old, loves to play computer games. I wonder how long you let your children sit at the computer and what games do they play?

Thank you for being with us! If you are late to broadcast - not scary. Already available is a webinar recording with the pediatrician Yevgeny Olegovich Komarovsky, a candidate of medical sciences, a doctor of the highest category.

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