The perfect bride from "Goldilocks"

A wedding for a girl is one of the most important moments in her life, and she must look perfect. After all, the closest attention of dozens or even hundreds of eyes is riveted on the bride on this day. For many this day, it is the center of the Universe and is simply obliged to shine, fascinate, impress.

Elegant outfit, elegant hairstyle, well-groomed hands and impeccable make-up are the basis of an ideal image. And to create this image, it is better to trust the professionals. For example, high-class masters work in the beauty salon "Goldilocks", who can easily help create a chic look for this special day! In addition, the salon has a special offer "Turnkey Bride", that is, a full range of services for the transformation of the bride.


Choosing a wedding hairstyle - the task, frankly, is not easy. On this day, the girl is not just in the spotlight: her entire appearance should be proof that the wedding is the most important day in her life.Wedding hairstyle- One of the key details in the image of the bride. She not only complements the chosen style, but also to some extent reflects the inner world of the girl. And it does not matter what hair the bride has: long or short, lush hair or not. The professionals of "Goldilocks" will help you find the perfect hairstyle that will decorate not only the head, but also give charm to the image as a whole.


Wedding make-up,unlike everyday or holiday, has its own important features. On the one hand, he must emphasize the naturalness and youth of the bride, and on the other - be expressive enough that the bride and groom’s face is not lost in the photographs. The bride should look equally delightful both in real conditions and in the frame. And you can achieve this effect by combining the techniques of evening and day makeup. In addition, with proper choice of makeup, many details are taken into account: the features of the features of the face of the bride, her outfit and even the style of celebration. In the salon, these issues are solved easily and professionally.


On the day of an important event, the hands of the bride will receive a considerable portion of close attention from both the numerous guests and the wedding photographer, who will constantly be near the hero of the occasion.Therefore, the perfect well-groomed hands and the beauty of nails should be taken care of in advance. Make the perfect wedding manicure taking into account fashion trends will help the master salon.

Eyelash extensions

Smart eyelashes will make your look expressive, and make-up - perfect. Even if the eyelashes from nature do not differ in thickness, this is not a reason for frustration. There is always a way out - they can be increased, and it is better to entrust it to professionals. After all, it is professionals who will help competently, taking into account individuality, to find the right frame for the most precious stone of a wedding celebration - the bride.

Beauty Salon "Goldilocks"

Nizhny Novgorod, st. Gaugel, 21


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