The original version of the dessert for everyone.

What can surprise guests? All very simply make a summer and delicious dessert - fruit in chocolate. This dessert is good because it does not take much time to prepare it and is simple to perform. Adults and children will be delighted with such a delicacy!

For the preparation of fruits in chocolate, we need:

  • chocolate;
  • fruits (bananas and kiwi). If desired, you can use any other fruits;
  • skewers or ice cream sticks;
  • confectionery dressing.

Step 1. Peel kiwi and bananas. Try to cut off the rind as little as possible from the fruit. It is better to use a knife for cleaning vegetables.

Step 2. Divide the banana into three parts. Kiwi try to cut not too thin circles (about 1 cm), so that they can be reliably put on skewers or ice cream sticks.

Step 3. We put the fruit on skewers, like an eskimo. Kiwi and bananas should stick tightly on a stick.

Step 4. Break the chocolate into slices, put it in a bowl that you set on a saucepan filled with water, i.e. in the water bath. Melt the chocolate over low heat, stirring constantly, until it dissolves completely.Also it can be melt in a microwave oven.

Step 5. Dip kiwi and bananas in hot melted chocolate topping in turn, while holding onto the stick. So that the chocolate lay down evenly, you can smooth the icing with a spoon.

Step 6. If desired, you can decorate chocolate bananas and kiwi with confectionary dressing or coconut chips.

Step 7. For convenience, stick each finished kiwi and banana into a container of sugar, so we fix their position, they will not stick together and will not fall. Put chocolate dessert in the fridge for freezing for 10-20 minutes or in the freezer for 5 minutes.

The dessert turned out tasty and tender. It can be submitted for any holiday, such as a birthday or party. Your guests will be satisfied.

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