The most beautiful girl with magnificent forms lives in Novosibirsk

Photo: Natalya Bezrukova
Photo: Natalya Bezrukova

The final of the all-Russian beauty contest for girls of plus-size was held in St. Petersburg. A prerequisite was a size of at least 50. The participants in the first stage were more than 300, and 12 beauties reached the final. Among them, they chose the best. By unanimous decision, the jury recognized the winner of the Siberian! Irina Cheremnykh lives in Novosibirsk, she studies at the Faculty of Economics and works in one of the telecommunication companies.

“I found out about the competition in 2013, but I didn’t have time to apply for the first stage - a photo contest through the VKontakte group“ Full Happiness ”. And this year she sent a photo and passed, ”Irina told Woman’s Day. - For the sake of the contest went to Peter. There were a lot of events and impressions. The brightest are the weekends with all the participants in the country hotel, it was then that we were very united, and, of course, the final. It was very exciting! I still can not believe that the crown went to me, each participant was worthy of it. ”

Beauty Plus Size winner Irina Cheremnykh
Photo: personal archive

Irina is sure that generally accepted standards are not at all mandatory, and her figure only helps in life!

“In fact, fullness helps to form a pleasant social circle. Leave only those people who are interested in you, your inner world, and not the outer shell. I do not even remember the situation that my figure interfered with me somewhere. The main thing is how to perceive yourself. ”

Selfies with friends on competition
Photo: personal archive
Photo: personal archive

During the finals, Irina was supported by her mother, who came specially from Novosibirsk, and her mother's friend. Sibiryachka admits that she felt the support of loving people. She plans not only to work as a model, but also to help others to feel beautiful and confident. It was not by chance that in the final, when you had to present your ideal of the woman of the future, Ira chose the image of a strong girl.

“This is a female warrior who seeks to achieve her goals. She can engage in traditionally masculine affairs, and without losing femininity. She is courageous, strong, dared, but never forgets that you always need to stay beautiful, stylish and fashionable. It also remains true to the latest fashion peak - from recycled material. By the way, I created the outfit myself, from foil. ”

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