The idea for an office dress code: red in details

Red color in clothes symbolizes passion and energy, attracting everyone's attention. In red, you can not go unnoticed anywhere wherever you are. If you decide to choose this color for the office dress code, then you need to be able to combine it with the rest of the details of the image.


Even an ordinary gray dress can be decorated by adding a few bright red details to the image — shoes, a handbag, a massive necklace, or a belt that draws attention to a thin waist.

Classic look with catchy accents

Traditional black and white outfit can be diluted with a dark red jacket and scarlet shoes.

Dark bottom and red top

Scarlet is able to emphasize both the flaws of the figure and its dignity. The red blouse will draw attention to the lush chest and will not look vulgar. The perfect look for an office dress code.

Date: 08.10.2018, 16:32 / Views: 32132

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