The famous puppet castle Astolat Dollhouse

Astolat Dollhouse Castle was created between 1974 and 1987 by Elaine Diehl, a miniaturist from Colorado. Officially valued at more than $ 8.5 million.

It has been privately owned since 1996.

It was conceived and designed over 2 years, but another 12 years brought to its current state.

The castle has 7 levels, 29 rooms. The setting includes several historical periods and styles.

The castle has a copper roof and bearing walls of wood. Some walls can be opened or removed for group viewing.

The lighting system includes day and night. It changes automatically, depending on the time of day.

It takes 2 days and 12 people to dismantle and as much to assemble the lock.

It is not surprising that everyone who sees this puppet castle for the first time with his own eyes or in photographs is speechless. After reading the accompanying text to the photos, you will understand the reason 🙂

Its height is 274 centimeters. The weight of The Astolat Dollhouse Castle can vary from 370 to 494 kilograms, depending on what kind of furniture and interior details it is filled with.
10 000 valuable miniatures fill its interiors. And only 30 000 of them!

From time to time, the exposure at The Astolat Dollhouse Castle changes. To store the elements of the exposition there is a special room, which is insured against fire, flooding and even temperature fluctuations.

Most of the interior items and works of art are original and were purchased at auctions from private collectors, or by order of well-known miniaturists and artisans around the world.

Many top quality miniatures are more expensive than their normal full size counterparts!

The extensive collection of the castle includes extravagant furniture, working fireplaces, stained-glass windows, framed mirrors, sculptures, stone vases, golden chandeliers, parquet floors, engraved wooden panels, tapestries, oil paintings - reproductions of famous masterpieces, exquisite carpets and fabrics, silverware, inlaid bathrooms. There is even a “wizard tower” equipped with telescopes!

The library contains tiny books with small letters that can be read under a magnifying glass. The collection includes a volume of the Bible, which is considered one of the smallest in the world.By the way, the bookshelf - the secretary with a hinged lid is estimated at $ 2500, the same is the cost of the Torah in Hebrew.

What kind of lock without a weapons room?

In working condition even the kitchen lift!

Bottles in the castle bar contain real liquor 🙂

Significantly, the public exhibitions of the castle allow you to collect money for children's charities.

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