The device plasterboard partitions

Plasterboard walls can be zoned space, for example, to separate a dressing room or in the kitchen to organize a mini-pantry. And you can make a full interior partition, divide one large room into two rooms.

To begin with, note the place of the future wall and calculate its dimensions. The main work is to build the frame. For partitions use PS (profile rack) and MO (profile guide). They have a wide range of sizes and allow you to install walls of any thickness. Partitions should not be thinner than 10 cm.

Installation of plasterboard partitions begin with the installation of the frame. Guide profiles are attached to the floor and ceiling, exactly above each other. Accuracy can be achieved with the help of a plumb - the profile is fixed to the floor, the plumb is moved along the ceiling from the wall until it coincides with the edge of the staff and put a mark. Such an operation is done from two ends.

In the guides with a step of 60 cm insert the rack, the extreme set against the wall. The step size is determined by the width of standard sheets of drywall, equal to 1.2 m. A tape of silicone or latex is laid between the supporting wall and the stand for cushioning. Guides and rack profiles fasten together with small screws. For reliability, you can insure and use rivets.

In length, the sheets are cut to size and each sheet is attached to the three racks with self-tapping screws. The seams between the sheets are stuck with a plaster mesh tape. Vertical corners strengthen the perforated corners. The openings are reinforced with double poles or wooden bars.

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