The craftswoman took an old chair, a rope and easily turned it into a chic flower garden.

If at your dacha or in a closet an old broken chair is lying around, do not rush to throw it out. Honestly, now he doesn't even need repairs. Broken chair is an ideal candidate for the role of an original flower garden, which will certainly become a bright decoration of your interior!

Making flower beds out of chairs is a fashionable trend in design, which received the specific name “flowering furniture”. It looks simply amazing, and, most importantly, absolutely anyone without special skills in decorating or design can repeat it.

All you need is:

  • an old (even broken) chair;
  • soil for flowers;
  • framework from a cache-pot (mesh);
  • coconut building (dried coconut fibers, can be replaced with a piece of agrotextile);
  • rope;
  • flowers

Getting started?

1. For this item you need a jigsaw,although you can use other tools for work. It is necessary to remove the seat in the chair in order to install a flower in its place in the future.

In the end, you get this chair:

2. Using a rope, fix the frame in the chair.

3. Pay attention: the rope tightly wraps the edges of the chair - this is necessary for the construction to hold firmly.

4. If the rope still remains, then you can continue the weaving to give the chair an interesting appearance.

5. Finished with a rope? Then you should get the following preparation-flower garden:

6. In the frame, place the prepared agrotextile or coconut case.

7. The next step, as you probably guessed, is to fill the “nest” with prepared soil for flowers.

8. The final stroke is the simplest and most pleasant - landing in a flower garden created by yourself. After that, by all means admire the result of your labors.

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