The craftswoman collected all the buttons in the house: the result of her creation surprised the whole family

Never throw away buttons! Even if your old clothes are out of order and it's time to take them to the trash or let them go to rags, cut all the buttons off and fold them neatly into the box. When you reach the required amount, you can lay out a landscape or still life from the clasps. The girl whose works are presented below loves buttons very much. Even her wedding bouquet was made from them. She has a huge collection of material, from which she lays out various compositions.

She laid out her buttons on plastic containers. There were more than a thousand of them. More precisely, the girl could not count, because she had a more interesting occupation. The panel was laid out on the old window frame. First, it was fixed so that it was possible to approach the work surface from either side.

To buy as many buttons, the girl had to win a few lots at online auctions. All the buttons needed cleaning. At the beginning, the girl decided to wash her catch in the washing machine, but the laundry bags could not withstand a lot of weight and burst. I had to wash everything manually. After cleaning, the buttons had to be dried. Immediately one side, then the other.

Each panel has its own design.

The idea of ​​composition gave rural landscapes.

Since it was very difficult to pick up all the colors, a girl painted some of the buttons.

In addition to buttons, beads and other sewing accessories were used in the composition.

One of the parts of the picture is called "the key of my heart".

Buttons were sewn on the fabric surface, and from the inside they were fixed to sealers and expanded polystyrene.

At the end for more protection, the girl added a layer of thick fabric.

Work is ready.

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