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The Comeback

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Every time I come back from some kind of crisis, I feel I left another piece of me behind somewhere — on the ground, in the bed, in the bathroom, or maybe in the street.

A week of missedexercisefeels more like a month. I think there’s real data on that. Muscles deteriorate faster than they are built. What’s that all about? Gravity, justice, or just plain orneriness.

Why is it that diseased muscles, joints, and soft tissues are so anxious to hit the floor? Does gravity get stronger the older and weaker you grow? Yes.

The only way I have found to defy gravity is to work at being stronger each day. Strength makes us less vulnerable. Nothing actually defies gravity, but we can, at least, work at fighting its attraction.

I know it sounds paranoid, but I do think my body is out to get me; and I’m often in a battle for my life. The question is how does one outsmart one’s self?

Lying down and giving up is not ever an option. I know, tempting, but no thanks…at least not without a bunch of lilies.

I recently have lost a great deal of weight due to a change in medication forced on me by my insurance company. I’m resentful and angry, but they don’t care. Life goes on, and after getting the problem solved, I realize it’s going to cost me both financially and in terms of my health. I don’t have the time,energy, or desire to be angry and must move on. All of my emotions must go into standing up, staying up, and growing stronger.

When we don’t eat correctly, we hurt ourselves. Sometimes we do it without knowing. It’s a slick slide into both obesity andsevere weight loss— both are propelled by inertia. We have to care, we have to think, and we have to plan — all while balancing on a ball the size of a peanut.

I used to wait for life to become healthy, simple, and easy. Well, that pony was impossible to housebreak. Now I, like you, just do the best I can each day.

Eventually, you gain, or perhaps regain, a sense of empowerment over your life.

I’ve discovered we often feel run over, tramped upon and deeply disillusioned. Just because we’re in a world of hurt doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. We don’t have to be permanently down and out.

Strangely enough, we find strength in movement. That’s a tall order, quite often but I know we must push through.Painmust often become secondary to staying strong.

In a weakened condition, many dangers lie in wait for us. Not only do we have to worry about weakness, gravity, and deterioration, but we must constantly walk around the deep hole of self-centeredness.

If you’re on the phone with a friend and you are only talking about yourself the whole time, well, think about it. Then thank God for having such a good friend.

There is strength, courage, and encouragement in sharing our lives with others. Honest sharing from the heart and soul is life-giving.

It’s good to be reminded we are not alone.

Try to find the difference between happiness with its fleeting aspects and deep, abiding joy.

Well, dear friends, got to go. I have to move around, eat, read about good eating, move something else, like a foot or a leg, clean something, let the dog out, eat some more. Basically, life will drag me along. I just have to point the way.

Last Updated:3/8/2012
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