The color of underwear says more about you than you think

The color of underwear says more about you than you thinkTime after time we are convinced that nothing in the world is just like that. This time we decided to surprise Italian sexologists, who said that underwear has its own, special, language. In this case, it is not the style, as many believe (with ryushechkami, without ryushechek - as your heart desires), and color. What remains to us women? To become acquainted, to accept the meaning of the color of underwear and use it in life.

What does white mean?

Let's start with perhaps the most popular - white. This tone is ideal, both in terms of choosing the underbody, and in choosing the surface of the walls. It is both warm and cold at the same time. He will suit a person with any character and temperament.

The color of underwear says more about you than you think

"How does the white color of the underwear affect the character?" - you ask. The answer will please. It is believed that this shade will energize and breathe life into your worldview. If you like snow-white underwear, then you can say the following: you like to be in the center of attention (“be in the camera lens”), if in your wardrobe white is combined with any other, then, perhaps,you are an active and cheerful person.

Define black

The next, no less common, is black. Some people jokingly say that people are divided into those who love black and those who do not. Perhaps they are right. But the fact remains: this tone is associated primarily with the classics.
The color of underwear says more about you than you think
The dark colors of not only clothes, but also of cowards and bras will add elegance to the image and emphasize all the advantages of the figure. As for girls who prefer this tone, they are sensual, sexy and inclined to experiment, can be gentle, elegant, persistent.

Passion color: the value of red underwear

Red is the tone of passion. Everyone knows this, but no one hid it. Putting on red underwear, girls feel like goddesses (this is not a joke, they conducted a survey). Women who occasionally wear red underwear, bold, striving for victory, are active, sociable, capricious. To ladies who prefer scarlet shades, so to speak "on an ongoing basis," all of the above applies, but they are also prone to changeable mood, windiness and irritability.

Everybody's favorite yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun.Like the sun, the yellow color of underwear has a strong effect on human well-being. He not only gives a great mood for the whole day, but also treats for depression. Girls, in the wardrobe of which the underwear of the bright color of the sun often meets, have curiosity, permeability and strive for new knowledge. But there are also minuses: they are windy, constancy is not peculiar to them.
The color of underwear says more about you than you think

Underwear in blue

Blue or blue is a great option. Many people associate these shades with the sky or the sea. In any case, the shade of the sky gives the wearer peace and tranquility. Ladies who love these tones have such qualities as wisdom, modesty, politeness, affability. They are prone to melancholy, and behind them is such a "sinner" as laziness.

Pink: like a Barbie doll

Preferring pink underwear girls want to be cherished, groomed and in all pleasing. These are usually vulnerable souls, sissies who love to build a doll from themselves. Pink shade attracts men with its tenderness, improves their mood.
The color of underwear says more about you than you think
"Underwear has its own language," we believe, this idea needs to be digested. The article lists the values ​​of the most requested colors of underwear.We will be happy if you take note of the information presented to your attention above.
But do not take everything too close to your heart. Everything in this world (all theories, ideas, etc.) is relative. Everything has exceptions. That is why, if you like fiery, then there is no need to think that you are windy. You may have a penchant for it, and maybe you are an exception. Anything can happen. One thing to remember: you are beautiful!

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